May 3, 2010

May 1st & 2nd 2010. My friends at Rivana River Earthdog Club gave me my first judging assignment. It was greatly appreciated as well as enjoyed. These folks put on a really nice event. It was well organized and well run. I did IQ on Saturday, and JE on Sunday. I had a couple of Junior Handlers, who both did a really nice job. A young man with a Russel Terrier and a young lady with a Lakeland. Both qualified in IQ, and the girl with the Lakie qualified in JE on Sunday. I wish I'd had a most improved trophy to give away, as I remember this particular Lakeland bitch and the girl's father there in November. They've come a long way. I had a nice visit with Barbara Tiegen on Saturday. It's always nice to be able to keep up with what's going on in our sport around the country.There was a potluck dinner on Friday evening at Paul and Karen Emanuelson's motor home. One of my favorite things to do at things like this is to sit back and watch people as they discover Lori's Bananna Pudding ( notice the capital letters. It's that good.) This time was no disappointment. Pulled Pork was the Saturday night fare. I'm a barbecue fan, and I've got to give the Virginians their due. All throughout the weekend there were raffles and silent auctions. I actually won something in a raffle. It's a silver hip flask with the American Working Terrier Association logo on it. Anyone have doubts about whether or not it will get used?...... I didn't think so.The highlight of the weekend for me though, was Paddy's two, near perfect runs in Senior. This finished his title. Three legs in four runs. Not too bad. Those who are familiar with his mother's story know that her trek through senior was not measured in runs, but in years. Oh well. If it was easy anybody could do it.

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