May 17, 2010

Central States

Lori, Debi and I made a trip to Cincinnati this past week-end for the Wire Fox Terrier Club of the Central States annual specialty show. We saw lots of friends that we see only once or twice a year. They all still know how to party though! We had a great time! All three puppies from our last litter were there. I had Paddy, Lori had Fiona, and Karma was shown by Leonardo Garcini for her owners, Tracy DeLoria, and Joyce Diehl. I was quite pleased by how well they all did for such a young age. I was especially proud of Paddy with his Senior Earthdog title. He was one of only two dogs there with a working title. The other was a veteran bitch who needs only one more leg for her Master. The overall quality of dogs was better this year than it has been in the past, and the specials class was just as impressive as you would imagine it to be. We made some new friends this weekend and joined the club while we were there. What the hell, right?

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