November 29, 2010

A lot has happened since my last entry. Our fall earthdog test has come and gone. It was very successful, as well as a lot of fun. We had our first Group Show at our new location in Pinehurst. We had a great entry of 104 dogs. Mary Jane Carberry was on the woolsack, and Gene Hains judged our Puppy group. We had a cookout afterwards and were able to enjoy some good food and fellowship. It seems that the "outdoors, on grass, 3 weeks before Montgomery was a good hook for us. Our November group show in Concord came off smoothly as well. Entries of 106, with Fred Ferris pointing the finger, and Bob Busby doing our puppies for us. My favorite part, of course, is the chili cookout. This year was particularly interesting to me. We had a large turnout of younger terrier handlers this time, some of whom, I overheard are turning 40. The best part was the kids that came along with them. Several toddlers were in attendance, and well behaved too. My daughter, Carmen, and her husband showed up for dinner, and after the crowd thinned out, told Lori and I that we are going to grandparents, again.
Sallie Redding, Jeannie Simmons, and Ursula Walsh are going to CA for the invitational agility event. We wish them luck. Of course they've got to be pretty good to even get invited. Safe travels ladies.
We are looking at adding some practice/work days to the schedule this year. We have some big plans for our spring earthdog event. There's a little work that needs to done around the course, and of course we should get in a little practice/play while we're out there.
Just a reminder, this is not MY blog. I'd sure love to see some more of you posting.
Oh yeah, Rita finished her master earthdog title in Palmyra, the weekend after our test.

Happy Trails

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