March 15, 2010

My heart in my throat. Now I know what that means. Saturday morning I turned Rita loose on her first official Master hunt. She had practiced once three days earlier, on our home field with Sallie's Tate.I felt perfectly safe and at home there. Saturday was different. Different location, different running mate, chosen by random draw, no less, different weather conditions, different people with us in the field. The results though were the same. That girl loves to hunt! It was quite a treat to watch her scenting in the air and then on the ground,and running with abandon, or so it seemed. I thought several times, she's way off line, only to find out at the end that the judge had placed some scent in those locations to test their noses.We were fortunate to draw two good dogs to hunt with. Both were seasoned veterans and good methodical hunters. We saw a lot of old friends, and made some new ones this weekend. God, I love this sport.

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