February 17, 2010

Atlanta Trip

This past week-end Lori, Debi, and I went to the Atlanta Terrier Club Earthdog test. I was thinking we might be crazy as we were driving into a snow storm. There was a four hour delay on the first day due to the weather and the fact that the club members were not able to finish the preparations on Friday, also because of the snow. We were still able to get in two tests on Saturday, and of course one on Sunday. We took Paddy (WFT puppy), Max (Scottie puppy), Ella (Norfolk bitch), and Tuff (Norfolk dog ME). We stayed with friends Darald and Ellen Avery in Mableton. We had a couple of really great meals there, and an especially good Chilean Pinot. My Paddy finished his JE on Sunday thanks to good breeding :) and of course his "personal trainer" Sallie Redding.

Ella got a Junior leg on Sunday but thumbed her nose at the whole concept on Saturday. And Tuff. What can you say? That dog is just a blast to watch work. He ran for grins and giggles only, but he ran great every time. Our friend Ellen got a second Senior leg on her Scottie dog Beck on Sunday. He's been giving her the same hard time that Rita gave me for so long. We should have named both of them WACO (we ain't comin' out). I think we're all looking forward to the Furniture City event next month, and of course the CTA event in April. We have some of our Border friends, Paul Emanuelson, and Gail Warnick, coming down from the Rivanna River Earthdog club to judge for us and also to apprentice. They have been nice enough to give me my first judging assignment at their test the first week-end in May.If you've never been to Palmyra you should go. The site is beautiful and the people there are great. You can get a Premium list to their test right here on the CTA site.

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